22nd - 29th November 2020



As usual there will be two Masses celebrated in St John’s every day they will all be for the names on our Holy Souls lists.

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Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions): 

Please ring Canon Grant (01482 882321)  or

Fr Francis Sutcliffe (01482 864674) to arrange.

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Dear Friends,


 I hope you are coping with the present restrictions. The fact that we are living in the highest Covid 19 area is disconcerting to say the least, but the prospect of our situation being much improved in the next few months is encouraging.

Assuming that we will be allowed to celebrate public Masses at Christmas we have a booking system in place and it will be necessary to stick to it strictly. I'm afraid it will not be possible to just arrive at the Church door and presume that there will be vacant place. Also, may I remind you that if you book a place and then for whatever reason you find you cannot fulfil that booking please let the organiser know so that it can be allotted to someone else.

So, if you want to go to Mass in Hornsea please contact Janet on the dedicated number 07756 963298 and if you intend to go to Mass in Beverley please contact Fran on 07856 918764.

When you phone please state your name, phone number, which Mass you are reserving a place for, and how many family members (depending on the restrictions in force at the time) are in your party. Max one pew per family booking. The times of Masses will be in next week’s bulletin.

Thank you to those of you who sent their congratulations on the occasion on the 38th anniversary of my ordination to the Priesthood last Friday. Sometimes it seems like yesterday and then again like a long time ago! I reflect on the many good people who inspired me to take this path, a lot of whom have gone to their eternal reward, but their memory and dare I say their prayers in Heaven sustain me when I feel a bit lost or unsure of what the future holds. Recent events have been disheartening with the IICSA report highlighting the terrible damage that some false priests and others have done to the most vulnerable members of the Church. But we must always remember the good people in the Church both clerical and lay throughout the world who quietly go on working to promote the message of the Gospel. Respect is always something we must earn rather than expect because of a position we hold in the Church. The saints have always taught us that we must always be open to reform and repentance – after all Our Lord tells us to “be perfect” not “be complacent” – truth is always more important than reputation.

Please remember in your prayers Jim Parnell who died recently and one of our retired priests Monsignor Seamus Kilbane has tested positive for Covid19 - he also has advanced dementia. I have heard that several parishioners have also tested positive. As I don’t have their permission to publish their names because of the data protection regulations I can’t, but would ask you to remember them in your prayers as the Lord knows who they are.

Please note that we are having a lot done on the lighting system in St Johns this week; the ladders etc will arrive on Tuesday 24th. On Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th the Church will not be open and on Friday 27th the equipment will be removed.


CHRISTMAS STELLA MARIS (APOSTLESHIP OF THE SEA) APPEAL :  Last day for contributions 29th November. 

Finally, we offer our warm congratulations to Fr David Pick on the 10th anniversary (yesterday) of his ordination.


God bless,

Canon David Grant, 

21st November 2020

Canon Grant Tel: 01482 882321         

5 North Bar Without, Beverley HU17 7AG

Fr Francis Sutcliffe: 01482 864674