5 - 11 April 2020

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions): 


Please ring Canon Grant (01482 882321)  or


Fr Francis Sutcliffe (01482 864674) to arrange.

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Coronavirus measures:

Please see the letter from Bishops' Conference,
the Liturgical Advice 
and the Pastoral Letter of Bp. Terence Patrick Drainey 

Message from the Canon  


Dear Friends,

We are at the beginning of a Holy Week totally unlike any other we have experienced. I will particularly miss the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral which always has been the great gathering of the whole Diocesan family at which the oils used at Baptism, Confirmation and the Sacrament of the Sick are blessed by the Bishop.

It will be strange too this year renewing my Priestly commitment by myself in our own Church rather 

than with the rest of the Diocesan Priests. I will also miss the fish & chips in Whitby on the way home!

Both Fr Sutcliffe and I continue to celebrate Mass (separately) every day in the Church, so please remember if you want a Mass to be offered for a particular intention you can use any type of envelope on which to write the details and put it through my letterbox.



/... continued/


Mass has been offered this weekend for Keith Douglas (anniversary) and the People of the Parish.


Sadly, two of our parishioners have suffered the loss of a loved family member due to Covid-19.


Alison Goddard's father, Albert Mitchell has died in New York.


Jo Moxon's cousin, Garry Garrett has died in London.


Masses will be offered for Albert and Garry this week.

Additionally, Masses will be offered for Ken Bulley (anniversary) and for the recovery of Jasmine, a teenager who has been undergoing cancer treatment. Jasmine has relatives who are Beverley parishioners.

What's been happening this week? Well, I have done two lots of washing for a homeless person who is currently being housed at the Windmill pub in Beverley. Before you ask, No I don't do ironing and don't intend to take in your washing to supplement my income!

I was called to the Infirmary on Tuesday morning to anoint Michael Wrigglesworth and called out to Bridlington on Saturday morning to anoint Max Hall - please remember both of them and their families in your prayers.

I was also in Bridlington earlier this week to check everything was OK at the Church and the presbytery. Through the kindness of Fr Wood I was able to help a family who live close to the Church there. Fr Wood is still recovering from his accident and is presently staying at the Holy Name care home in Hull.

Fr Wood had a lot of gluten-free food in his freezer and I was able to give it on his behalf to a young girl who also has gluten intolerance. Her siblings have problems with their immune systems so all the family have to be in strict isolation and send out for food so Fr Wood's contribution has given them greater peace of mind and saved them some expense.


God bless,

Canon David Grant. Updated 6th April 2020

Canon Grant Tel: 01482 882321         

5 North Bar Without, Beverley HU17 7AG

Fr Francis Sutcliffe: 01482 864674