28th June  - 5th July 2020

Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions): 


Please ring Canon Grant (01482 882321)  or


Fr Francis Sutcliffe (01482 864674) to arrange.

Message from the Canon  

Dear Friends,

      As I sit down to write this letter to you the clergy have just received an email letter from the bishop.


We can start have public Masses again next weekend – I ask you to read his letter carefully.


How do we apply these recommendations in our parish with our churches in Beverley and Hornsea?


The Sunday obligation has been suspended so my suggestion is that people who are at work during the week and families with children come to the Saturday evening Mass or the Sunday morning Mass. Furthermore I suggest that people who are retired or are free to come to a weekday Mass make that your “Sunday” to all intents and purposes.

Please do not sit in a bench with anyone who is not of your household.

If you are in a vulnerable category and don't feel safe then stay away for the time being with an easy conscience – piety, although highly commendable, does not cancel out prudence and common sense!

We may need to change these arrangements again once we have had a chance to see if they work well or not. Your patience and cooperation are vital, none of us has experienced such restrictions on the way we worship, so individual preferences must give way to what we are asked to do as a community.


The Sunday Masses will stay the same i.e.

Saturday 6.30p.m. (Beverley)

Sunday 9.00a.m. (Hornsea)

Sunday 10.45a.m. Beverley.


Weekday Masses will change;-

Beverley 10.00a.m. every day except Saturday.

Hornsea Noon on Tuesdays & Fridays


It is important that people come to Mass on time. There will be no standing in the porch or coming in late via the side door.


We will still need marshalls (please give your names and contact details to me) and once the church has reached its safe capacity no one else will be admitted.

Again I would ask you to make your contribution to the parish via your bank account even if you feel unable to “gift aid” that money. [See note  from Finance Committee]

     Please remember in your prayer Fr William East (York) who is approaching the end of his life after a long illness. Fr East spent several years in the Anglican ministry before becoming a Catholic and then being ordained as a priest. Prayers too please for his wife, Betty, and their grown up children.


MASS INTENTIONS THIS WEEK  For the People of the Parish, John Grant, Bob & Pauline Suret, Moira Ward McClean, Florence Kelly, Barbara Rylands, Joan Brooke, Monsignor Kevin Coughlan, Ted Peacock, Joe Wheatley, the Yorkshire Brethren.


      I attach a photo of St John's from the beginning of the 20th Century. The window above the Altar was changed from a “gothic” window to a round one probably in the 1960s. I think it was a mistake, but does anyone know why such a drastic structural change was made?

God bless, 

Canon David Grant

​27th June 2020

Canon Grant Tel: 01482 882321         

5 North Bar Without, Beverley HU17 7AG

Fr Francis Sutcliffe: 01482 864674