27th Sept - 4th Oct 2020



Sat.   26th  6.30p.m.    (Bev) Celebrant’s intentions

Sun.  27th  9.00a.m.    (Hornsea) Robert Fitzpatrick


Sun.  27th 10.45a.m.   (Bev) For the Parish

Mon.  28th 10.00a.m.  (Bev) Denis & Dorothy Hobday

Tues  29th 10.00a.m.  (Bev) Yorkshire Brethren

Tues  29th  Noon         (Hornsea) Winifred King

Weds 30th 10.00a.m.   (Bev) Julia Platts

Thur    1st  10.00a.m.   (Bev) Celebrant’s intentions

Fri       2nd 10.00a.m.   (Bev) Celebrant’s intentions

Fri       2nd Noon           (Hornsea) Janet Robinson

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Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions): 

Please ring Canon Grant (01482 882321)  or

Fr Francis Sutcliffe (01482 864674) to arrange.

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Dear Friends,


Those of you who have started coming back to Mass in St John's Church hopefully will have noticed a recently restored brass plaque in memory of MARY ELIZA DAWSON of Molescroft who died not long after the Church was built. There are some brick outhouses at the back of number seven and they were in a terrible state of repair, rooves falling in and the doors rotted and broken.

I have had new rooves and doors fitted, but before the workmen started I had to clear out the junk. That is when I found Mary Eliza's memorial, barely legible. It was probably taken down when the Church was painted at some time and never put back. I thought that as one of the founder members of our parish and someone who was dearly loved it was wrong for her memorial to be left unseen in a shed rather than refurbished and restored to public view.

Most important of all is the request “Pray for the soul of Mary Eliza Dawson”. She would have been well known in the parish and also in the town. She was a real to the people of her time as we are to our contemporaries. But who is there to continue praying for her if not us? She is still in a mystical way a member of our parish. God willing, as we pray for her now, although we never knew her, parishioners will pray for us when all that is left of us this side of the Resurrection is our names inscribed in the Parish record books. I find that a comforting thought.  Surely “those who have gone before us sealed with the sign of Faith” will also pray for us both in this life and hopefully also when we are in that state of being called Purgatory awaiting the full vision of God in the home he has prepared for us.

I would ask you to pray for another lady who lived in Molescroft, Julia Platts, who died this week after a long illness. We offer our deepest sympathy to Chris her husband and to their children and grandchildren.

Remember also please, Winifred King, the mother of Madeleine Argent, who has died. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family too.

May I remind you again that the first Friday in October is CAFOD Family Fast Day? Please ask for an envelope or if you have not yet started coming back to Mass you can give online via the CAFOD website.

Thank you to Richard & Irena Mace for counting the last Beverley collection – any volunteers from the counting teams' rota for next time please?

There has been a water leakage problem in Hornsea where our car park meets the public road on Football Green. A parishioner met some official looking people who said they were coming to fix it but I've not had any official notification yet as to when they intend to start work – is it just me or is life measured out in people who say they are going to do a job, give a date for when it will start/finish, but then that does not happen for a few weeks or even months later?!!

Where did I put that prayer for patience?

Mrs Bernice Walsh has probably been waiting patiently to have a win on the 200 club draw. Her patience has been rewarded; she has won the £50 for September.

God bless,

Canon David Grant, 

26th September 2020

Canon Grant Tel: 01482 882321         

5 North Bar Without, Beverley HU17 7AG

Fr Francis Sutcliffe: 01482 864674